Big-Money Offers: High Roller Bonus and How to Spot It

We all know that casino bonuses are a staple of virtually every online casino. Online casinos offer these bonuses in order to get you excited about joining them. To put it simply, they are a means to an end, with the ultimate goal being players signing up and spending their own money. You, as a player, on the other hand, should not regard it as a scam; you can (and should) utilize them to your advantage.

As you probably already know, there are many online casinos with free signup bonus for real money. With these bonuses, you can play your favorite games without spending your money, and the plus side is, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to earn something on top. Of course, offers differ from one casino to another. Obviously, the more free spins, the more shots at winning you have. But simultaneously, the wagering requirements that come with them will be steeper.

So, if online casinos offer free spin bonuses to newcomers, will they be ready to offer something special to players who are committed to spending excessive amounts of money? The answer, of course, is yes, and if you’re one of these players, you’ll be able to enjoy a high roller bonus that no regular promotion can match. But before we go into it, you should know how bonuses work at all.

Bonus Terms

Generally speaking, promotions are great for players because, as we’ve said, you essentially get free money. You receive either free chips for table games or free spins for slot machines, and you bet your way to riches. However, an online casino with free signup bonus for real money is by no means a charity! They do it in order to get you hooked on a (winning) feeling, hoping that you will make a deposit soon. Additionally, these free spins on slots we talk about are not just a simple giveaway — they come with terms and conditions.

First off, we have wagering requirements. The WRs represent how much money you have to wager before the casino will let you make a withdrawal. For example, if a $100 bonus has a WR of 30x the bonus, you must wager $3,000 before cashing out. Furthermore, there’s often a cashout limit, which signifies that you can’t take out as much as you want. You can win millions of dollars (in theory, at least), but if there’s a $300 limit, that’s all you’re getting. Some casinos also make a list of eligible games. For example, some bonuses can be applied to slots only as a viable game for completing the WRs.

Then you have deposit bonuses. You can claim these only once you make a deposit of your own real money. Naturally, casinos are more generous when it comes to these promotions. Deposit bonuses offered come with lower WRs, higher cashout limits, and generally have better conditions in the shape of a greater sum of money.

High-Roller Players

However, the best deposit bonus is the one reserved for high-stakes players. High-rollers (also called whales) are players who like to wager huge amounts of money. There’s no unique definition of a high roller in the sense that there’s a money threshold you need to breach in order to be considered one. It changes from casino to casino, but the general idea stays the same.

These players spend large amounts of money, and as a result, they are casinos’ favorite customers. Consequently, they offer them special privileges and promotions. Land-based casinos can go the extra mile and offer more than just matching deposits. For instance, you can receive a high roller coupon and enjoy a free meal in one of their restaurants. Similarly, you can get a high roller coupon for free entry to concerts and shows, as well as a free limousine ride or a private jet flight.

Obviously, online casinos don’t have these special amenities, so they have to focus on high roller casino bonus codes. That’s where you, as an online gambler, come into play.

High Roller Bonus

For high rollers, gambling websites offer special promotions, as well. The thing is, if you’re willing to spend $5,000 a night wagering, you’re hardly going to get excited by 25 free spins or a promo code that offers $100. That’s why a high roller bonus will match your deposit going up to thousands of dollars. For example, a high roller welcome bonus can consist of matching your deposit up to $2,000 and giving you free spins on top. These promotions usually have lower WRs since you’re willing to “invest” a great deal of money into their business.

As always, before you claim any promotion, it’s important to fully understand the terms they come with. Some casinos set up wagering requirements so high that it simply doesn’t make sense to claim the offer. Also, check what the process of claiming looks like. Check if you need to make a deposit first and then claim or whether there’s a promo code you need to type in.

Anyway, there are plenty of websites that work as platforms for promotions and promo codes. You can use them to find out what casino comes with the best offer for your needs. However, make sure you fully check out the gambling website beforehand and not just promotions. Promotions are nice (and important), but you have to make sure that you’re joining a licensed casino that respects its customers and conducts its business legally.

Aside from bonuses, there’s another thing that high rollers can look forward to, and that’s a loyalty program.

Loyalty Program

Most casinos operate with a VIP program for their best customers. By best, we mean highest-spending, of course. The casino itself determines how many tiers the program will have and what the requirements for upgrading your level are. They also decide on the point system. Commonly, they will set up $1 to be worth 10 loyalty points, which you use to reach higher tiers. There can be as many tiers as they decide to have, and the point brackets are chosen arbitrarily. To give an example, we’ve made a table of one such program.

Some VIP programs will make you play consistently should you wish to avoid getting “demoted.” But why would you even be interested in the VIP program? Well, there are several perks you will get the higher you go:

  • Faster payouts
  • Higher withdrawal limits
  • High roller casino no deposit bonus codes (more free spins)
  • Personal VIP manager
  • Better point conversions (for example, instead of 10 points, $1 will be worth 20)

High-rollers get personal VIP managers they can call 24/7 to solve any problem they may encounter. Additionally, managers provide them with tailored offers and promotions for the players to have special treatment. Frankly, those managers are there to do anything to get you to keep on playing and spending big.

Tier name

Loyalty points














Depending on what type of a player you are, i.e., how much money you’re willing to spend, casinos will greet you with more or less generous promotions. High-rolling gamblers always receive better offers and treatment simply due to the fact that they’re willing to put more money into casinos’ pockets. If you’re one such player, you can look forward to special benefits.

While regular promotions won’t really excite you, you can still find plenty of websites that offer outstanding promotions for high-stakes gamblers. With this, you can double or triple your deposit (which is already huge enough), and you’ll have a chance of getting potentially huge winnings. Good luck!

Recurring Questions About High Roller Bonuses

What is a high roller online casino bonus?

That would be a casino bonus reserved for high-rolling players. High rollers are gamblers who wager large amounts of money when they play. Since there’s a bar you need to hit when it comes to how much money is considered as high-rolling (different for every casino), you need to deposit an amount high enough to be eligible for a high roller online casino bonus. Often, you’d need to make a deposit of at least $1,000–$2,000 to be able to claim it. These bonuses offer better rewards.

How does high roller online casino bonus work?

In order to be able to claim a high roller online casino bonus, you need to make deposits that are often north of the $1,000-mark. Even if you want to claim a high roller no deposit bonus, you have to have a history of big-money deposits. That’s why these bonuses are often reserved for VIP players only. Once you claim the bonus, you would use it like any other — you have to meet wagering requirements before withdrawing, and there are cashout limits. However, the terms these bonuses come with are much more generous towards the player.

How to qualify for high roller bonuses?

Simply, to be able to claim a high roller bonus, you must be a high-rolling player. There’s no unified definition of a high-rolling player in terms of how much money you need to spend at a casino to consider you one. Each online casino determines the amount for itself. You’re able to find out how much is it by looking at the deposit limits of high roller bonuses. When you see a high roller bonus, it will tell you what the lowest deposit is for you to qualify for the bonus. For instance, they can say “bonus for deposits of at least $1,500.” Pay up that much, and you’ll qualify.

How to use high roller casino bonuses?

Depending on the type of bonus, you may or may not have to make a deposit before claiming a high roller casino bonus. But even if it’s a no deposit bonus (free spins/chips without paying up), you still must have a record of big-money deposits in order to qualify for these promotions. Once you claim them, there are wagering requirements you need to fulfill before you can withdraw. To do that, you have to play casino games (those that are eligible for the bonus), and then you will be able to make a withdrawal should there still be money in your balance. Some bonuses have time constraints, meaning that you only have a certain timespan in which you have to complete the playthrough.

How to withdraw winnings from bonus money?

The actual process of withdrawing your winnings doesn’t differ from any other regular withdrawal. You just request it in the cashier, and the withdrawal process will commence. However, before you can ask for a withdrawal, you have to fulfill wagering requirements. If you request a withdrawal not completing WRs, the casino will inform you that you cannot withdraw money yet. Wagering requirements represent how much money you have to wager prior to withdrawing, and once you complete the WRs, you can withdraw bonus winnings just the same way you would withdraw regular money.