Review: Does Lucktastic Pay Out?

Lucktastic has been around since 2014, and it has had a consistently high ranking in the Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. This casual gaming app is free, and it’s based on instant-win games. They are more commonly referred to as scratch cards. What’s more, Lucktastic is free to use, but it is only offered for U.S. members.

At first glance, this simple app claims that players can use it to win real cash. Its creators state that over a million people have received rewards. Moreover, before downloading, the app reveals that players have the opportunity to get instant wins worth $10k or more. But is Lucktastic legit? Does Lucktastic really pay out? Is there a catch? We’ll answer all the questions players might be wondering about in this Lucktastic review, so take a look to find out if you can truly win anything with this app!

Lucktastic App: First Look

Although not as popular as casino-type games, scratch cards are fun and incredibly simple to play. Most people have tried them at least once in real life or online. When it comes to Lucktastic, the scratch cards offered in the app are free, and you will not have to spend anything in order to win. However, there are some simple requirements that players must meet:

  • The app is U.S.-only, meaning only American citizens can play.
  • Players need an iOS or Android system (smartphone, tablet, etc.) with enabled GPS location.
  • The scratch cards take approximately 30 seconds to complete.



Overall, this app is currently ranked #14 in the App Store. The number of Lucktastic Playstore downloads is a whopping 10 million. Desktop-based playing is not offered. As mentioned, the platform offers cash giveaways to those who are lucky enough to win them.

Unlike the lottery, real scratch cards, or instant win games in web casinos, the app is fully free, but under one condition — it displays ads which cannot be turned off. It’s not a huge problem since similar apps do the same to fund their platforms. It’s the only requirement. Moreover, the fact that players do not need to spend anything in order to get cash giveaways makes the app legal (again, United States only). The advertisements are shown before you launch a scratch card. Furthermore, Jump Ramp Games is the operator of this app.

Another important fact is that the app is offered in all 50 states and that the minimum age to play is 13 and over. However, the App Store age rating is a little higher at 17+. After installation, the app will not require credit card information or other private details.

How to Start

It’s possible to play instant-win titles without registering. However, players are required to sign up before claiming their rewards. The process is rather simple, though. There are options to register over email or Facebook. Before playing, it’s possible to win a $25 scratch card if you register through Facebook or claim the offer via other posts on other social media sites (Instagram, etc.).

It’s also essential to note that the Lucktastic app does not support in-app purchases. According to the creators, this gives everyone an equal chance to win. Instead of app-based purchases, additional options and more games are unlocked based on the user’s playing time. As stated by the operator, the games do not work from 4 AM to 5 AM (EST) due to a daily update, after which new scratch card titles are introduced.

Playing Lucktastic Games

Regarding the games, there is a vast number of scratch cards. They are unlocked progressively, and as the playtime increases, so will the size of their prizes. Estimates say that it will take around 150 completed cards or ten days of playing to reach the $10k card. What’s more, the cards have a time limit. Of course, the gameplay only requires you to scratch out the hidden symbols and match them. As mentioned, one card takes about 30 seconds to complete.

In terms of the app design, you’ll notice a straightforward menu bar at the top of the game window. There, you can see new notifications and access the My Wallet section. The bar also shows the time limit, along with daily reward offers. The app has a neat look, with green and orange colors. There’s another quick menu that can be accessed on the top right, which will give you the options for registering, entering contests, etc.

Some of the cards offered are named Grillin’ for Gold, Milk Money, Triple Crown, Monopoly, Pirate’s Booty, Cat Scratch Fever, Kick Back, Golden Eggs, etc. Although the gameplay cannot be compared to highly dynamic games like online slots, there is a diverse range of themes and cheery titles. The app will also offer special games on events like Halloween (e.g., Monster Mansion).


As mentioned, the rules are fairly basic. Each will display a 3×3 grid with hidden symbols along with a separate box for a bonus symbol. The player simply needs to scratch off the boxes and hope for a win. And, to win cash prizes, a match of three main symbols is needed. The bonus symbol will frequently give you some bonus tokens. This is usually from 4 to 100. These extra tokens are a form of consolation reward.

It’s also worth noting that all players’ odds of winning are calculated according to the number of players. During the contests, the odds are based on the number of players who entered.


So, what can you win?

As mentioned, the prizes are referred to as Lucktastic Rewards, which can be:

  • Cash
  • Gift Cards
  • Contest Entries

In addition, the app also holds prize drawings.

In the regular-play mode, it’s possible to win anywhere from $2 to $1,500. If you wish to unlock the cards which hold larger rewards, consecutive play (daily) is required. As mentioned, the $10k cards are unlocked after ten days, while the $5k games require five days of playing to become available. The main sweepstakes are worth $25,000. In terms of the giveaways, some of them include Amazon gift cards, as well as Monthly Groceries or Gas coupons worth $500. Those offers may change periodically, though. Other prizes can be won, such as restaurant gift cards, magazine subscriptions, or appliances, such as TVs and similar.

Reportedly, the biggest win so far was $1 million. It was given to a man from Vegas in 2017.

 Lucktastic Games

Cashing Out

It’s also worth mentioning that there are some cashout requirements in case of money wins. Anything over $600 is subject to taxes. Additionally, it appears that only prizes larger than $10 can be cashed out via Dwolla transfers. This process can take up to ten working days. The “My Wallet” section in the app will show you the cash as well as token wins.

Is Lucktastic Legit?

Lucktastic appears to be secure and legal. Its funds for the prizes are supposedly generated by advertising revenue. The app has also been featured on major networks like the Discovery Channel. However, many people are wondering about Lucktastic scams, and if the app is legit.


One reason that could raise suspicions is that nearly every card comes with an ad, which can last up to 1.5 minutes. In addition, the number of ads increases as you use more tokens. While many people claim these are Lucktastic scams, we’ve explained earlier why the advertising is understandable — the service is free and offers prizes.

Another issue players have experienced with this app is that the wins are quite rare. There are many online comments and opinions from players on this matter. Many claim that it took months to win cash. Others say that it took a while to get only $1. On the other end of the spectrum, supposed winners have published their triumphs online with some prizes averaging around $1,000 and up.


It’s highly unlikely that Lucktastic and its operator are involved in scams. Jump Ramp Games operates from NYC. Its jurisdiction implements incredibly tough rules regarding gambling, so if anything was amiss with Lucktastic, it would have come to light in the past.

It may be possible that the majority of the 12 million weekly players who use the app simply cannot hit big wins due to the platform’s revenue and the fact that the app doesn’t charge fees. Moreover, other apps like PCH or Cash Kings also get accused of poor payouts. The key takeaway here is that most free apps can offer great prizes. But, it can be quite hard to win them.

Nevertheless, the biggest advantage here is that the app is legal. It does offer a free way to win cash prizes without additional costs. Some negative comments and Lucktastic reviews have claimed that it takes too long to unlock new cards to get the opportunity to win bigger rewards. Others have complained about the number of adds. Nevertheless, it is a free platform after all, and players cannot lose money with it.

Our Take

Our Lucktastic review has inspected the app’s games, reputation, its prizes, and additional features. In conclusion, this app is a fun way to play free scratch card games. It’s a decent option for U.S. players and lovers of chance-based gaming. The big plus here is that it doesn’t require any investment or deposit while offering cash prizes. However, wins could be rare, and the number of ads could bother some people. Nevertheless, it’s a fun free option that will not require you to risk anything. As with any game, it’s best to try Lucktastic on your own and see if it’s worth playing! Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section will address additional questions that we’ve commonly seen on the web.

Top Questions About Lucktastic

Here are the most common questions regarding this app.

  1. What is Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is a free mobile app that offers scratch card games. The app offers many different games and a variety of prizes. The application and its prizes are only available for U.S. players.

  1. Can you really win money on Lucktastic?

Yes, it’s possible to win a variety of prizes. Lucktastic offers gift cards, giveaways, as well as real money rewards. Most rewards range from $2 to $1,500, while the larger cash prizes are worth over $5,000 and more. To win, you’ll need to have a registered account.

  1. Is Lucktastic free?

Lucktastic is a free-only app, meaning that you will not have to spend any money to play the games. Additionally, there are no in-app purchases. The app is only available for U.S. players.

  1. What apps can you actually win money on?

It’s possible to win money on Lucktastic, but there are thousands of other platforms available on the web. Before playing, you’ll need to decide whether or not you wish to invest money. If you prefer to use real money to win more, it’s best to play in online casinos. But, for free play, apps like Lucktastic, PCH, Cash King, Tap Games, Octa Flow, etc.

Other Questions about Lucktastic

We’ve also answered some additional questions.

  1. How do you redeem on Lucktastic?

If you wish to cash out real money, it’s possible to do so via Dwolla transactions. You will need to have a Dwolla account for this, though, and the winnings will need to be larger than $10. To redeem instant prizes, you’ll need to have around 15,000 tokens. The Instant Prize section contains a Redeem control. When you select it, the selection of prizes will appear, and you’ll be able to claim them. Lucktastic usually sends out prizes or cash within ten working days.

  1. How to Hack Lucktastic

There are many platforms and cheat generators that claim they can hack this app. Some say it can be done within three minutes. The one that will show up most often is the Lucktastic Hack Tool, which allegedly hacks the app automatically. However, this is not proven, and it may not be legal. It’s important to keep that in mind if you are researching Lucktastic hacks.