How Do You Get Funzpoints for Free? Let’s Find Out!

The Funzpoints platform uses a sweepstakes model to bring you a unique social casino experience. This casino platform is available for players residing in Canada (excluding Quebec) or the U.S.

This site is only available for registered members. Moreover, there are two ways to play here: Standard and Advanced. Each way of playing requires you to utilize the site’s sweepstakes model, which is called Funzpoints.

So what are Funzpoints, and can you use them to win real money on this site? How do you get Funzpoints for free, and what kind of games are offered? Find out below!

Funzpoints Overview

The Funzpoints brand and platform were made by Woopla Games. It’s a social sweepstakes casino that was developed fairly recently. If you’re familiar with sweepstakes-based play, the Funzpoints concept will not be unknown to you. And if you are not, let’s outline it for you.

Namely, sweepstakes casinos have proven to be quite popular in the U.S. These types of platforms are a decent alternative to real online casinos. With the sweepstakes model, U.S. players can enjoy legal casino games on the web.

Sites similar to Funzpoints are LuckyLand Slots and Chumba. Regarding American residents, it’s not possible to register for Funzpoints if you’re based in Washington.


At first glance, the Funzpoints website will not tell you too much about the games and rewards found inside it. Players will need to register before seeing any details regarding this casino. It can be a bit of a nuisance if you are simply trying to find out some information about it. Nevertheless, we tried to learn as much as we could about the site for this article.

After registering, you’ll notice that the platform offers a lot of slot games and some Keno titles. Furthermore, the site is available via instant-play. This means that you can access it from a web browser. The Funzpoints platform works on Android or iOS if you prefer to play on mobile devices. If you’re looking for apps, there are no Funzpoints mobile apps currently. Lastly, only users aged 18+ can play at Funzpoints.

Funzpoints Online

How to Get Funzpoints

As this is a sweepstakes social casino, players have the option to get and exchange their sweeps, i.e., Funzpoints, for cash prizes.

That way, it’s legal to play with and win real funds. Users will also be able to collect tickets and participate in special drawings. The Funzpoints are used as game credits. That means that, instead of real money, a number of Fuzpoints is used for betting.

The site offers players free points in several ways. As mentioned earlier in this review, there are two ways of playing. First, the Standard mode will offer you free points on a regular basis and will contain ads. Then, the Premium mode will not have ads, and its prizes will be cashable.

Standard Points

In Standard mode, Funzpoints cannot be redeemed for real cash. Here are the rules for Standard play:

  • Funzpoints are received for free every three hours through the Funzwheel.
  • To get free Standard points, players can access the Funzwheel and spin it. The points are between 1,000 and 10,000.
  • If these points are used for playing, some games will be locked. Additionally, some booster games will not be available.
  • This mode displays ads.
  • You can disable ads and unlock additional games by purchasing Standard Funzpoints with real money.

According to the T&Cs of the site, players can also submit a request to get free points by mail. The mailing address is in Nova Scotia, Canada. Moreover, the rules state that players can earn 1,000 free points through the mail request. If you choose to submit a request by mail, it’s also possible to receive 500 Premium Funzpoints for free.

It may be possible to get 1,000 points (Standard) upon signup, but that offer may vary.

However, bear in mind that Standard points that are claimed for free contain some restrictions. Most importantly, they cannot give you real prizes. Instead, all the wins will be used for further gaming. The free points cannot unlock new games or activate the booster games. Plus, one cannot use them to block ads or access the Trophy Room. Standard points can be purchased. However, they cannot be converted to Premium.


The platform’s Premium mode offers wider flexibility. One can also get free points there. Here are the rules regarding the Premium mode:

  • It can only be activated with Premium points.
  • When you purchase Standard points, you will earn some free Premium Funzpoints.
  • This mode will allow you to block ads.
  • The Premium mode unlocks all offered games, including booster games.
  • All winnings in Premium-play can be cashed out.

As mentioned, free Premium points are given whenever you buy Standard points. This is done by clicking on the Buy option on the site (header), which will take you to the purchase menu. However, the free Premium points also come with requirements. Namely, it’s not possible to cash them out once received. Only the Premium points won while gaming (using the freebies) can be withdrawn. It’s possible that these free points could come with a time limit of 30 days.

Banking and Betting

In the Premium mode, it’s possible to withdraw winnings (the minimum is $20). The transactions are transferred from the Funzwallet banking page to a user’s bank account or e-wallet. Moreover, the maximum that can be won is $600. Also, the rules state that any deposits have to be made via debit/credit bank cards, and it will take between 1 to 5 business days to receive the prizes.Funzpoints Online

Additionally, ten points are the minimum bet, and the max is 500 points.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that 100 Funzpoints (Premium) are worth $1.

Free Sweepstakes and Ticket Rewards

This platform is based on the sweepstakes framework, which also means that deposits are not needed to play games. Standard points can be gained for free. And in both modes, it’s possible to win tickets for the drawings while playing. This refers to daily jackpot drawings, and one ticket is considered as one entry.

The winners of these drawings are randomly selected, while the odds are determined based on the number of players. There is only one drawing per day, but it can contain multiple prizes. However, the terms do not state whether or not tickets earned from Funzpoints free-money play can be used.

It’s also worth noting that it may be possible to find Funzpoints no-deposit bonus codes via bonus aggregators or via social media. Funzpoints no-deposit bonus codes may not work for everyone, though.


The platform has a diverse range of proprietary slot games. It will be fun to test them for free since they are not found in real-money casinos and are quite unique. Bear in mind that not all games will be offered if you are using Funzpoints free money points.

Compared to other more common social games, the Funzpoints slots look quite unique and have some special themes along with colorful graphics. Some of the in-game music is fun, too.

The RTP of the games is listed in the T&Cs, and it is around 96% for most games. It’s quite a high percentage compared to other social game sweepstakes sites.

Some of the game titles include:

  • Kongo’s Adventure
  • Enchantress Luna
  • Bonbon Bash
  • Voyage of the Vikings
  • Java Cafe
  • Maximo

Of course, more titles can be unlocked with the Premium mode. Some include The Big Dive, Game of Crowns, Buckaroo Bronco, Criminal Cash, Chillin’ While Grillin’, etc. Most of the slots contain bonus rounds, free spins, and other special features. Lastly, the Keno game is called Paintball Keno.

You will not be able to find other game types here. However, that’s understandable, seeing that most social casinos offer only slots.


So far, we’ve outlined several ways in which users can get Funzpoints. Standard points can be gained for free. Additionally, for Premium play, members must purchase Standard points, and then they will get Premium ones, too. As you have seen, the offers are quite different from standard deposit bonuses and similar promos in real-money casino sites.

The key thing to remember here is that anyone can win Standard free points every three hours. More could be available upon signup, but that offer may vary. For Premium, the prizes can be cashed out, but if you are planning on using free points, kindly refer to the site rules we’ve outlined above.

Overall, the site has a neat theme and a few interesting game titles. It could use a mobile app and a larger number of games, though. Nevertheless, free points are given quite often. If you’re looking for a social casino, definitely check out Funzpoints!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions regarding Funzpoints.

Top Funzpoints Questions

This is a selection of answers to the most common questions found online.

  1. What is Funzpoints?

Funzpoints is a social casino containing slot games and keno. The site operates using the sweepstakes model. Funzpoints is also the name used for the virtual currency on the site. The games are played using Funzpoints (Standard or Premium). Depending on the playing mode, the users can cash out their prizes. The site is available for U.S. and Canadian players.

  1. How to Get Free Funzpoints?

Free Funzpoints (standard) can be obtained every three hours via the unique Funzwheel minigame that offers free points as rewards. Bear in mind that free Premium points are obtained after the purchase of Standard points. To get Funzpoints, players must sign up.

Additional Questions About Funzpoints

Here are some additional yet equally important questions that players have asked:

  1. Where Is Funzpoints’ Office?

The developer of this social site is named Woopla Gaming. The creator’s mailing address is listed at 58 Glenda Crescent, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1S 2M5 Canada. This is the headquarters of the company, but if you need more information about the Funzpoints office, you could send your question in my mail to that address in order to find out.

  1. Where Is Funzpoints Located?

The platform can be accessed via its official site. The main office, though, is located in Nova Scotia, Canada. The address where the company is registered is listed on the official site. This address is 58 Glenda Crescent, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1S 2M5 Canada.