Can Players Win Real Money on Lotsa Slots?

Due to multiple laws and rules, real-money gambling online is mostly forbidden for domestic sites operating within the U.S. However, gamblers have a few interesting options at their disposal. Among them is the use of various social gaming platforms and apps that allow you to play online slots legally. Lotsa Slots is one such platform.

If you’re looking into it with the aim of playing slots for real rewards, check out this article. We’ll explore some advantages of Lotsa Slots and tell you all about the platform. So can you win real money on Lotsa Slots? Let’s find out!

What Is Lotsa Slots?

The Lotsa Slots casino app was created by Funtrio LTD in early 2018. The same developer has created brands like Cash Frenzy, Slots Casino, and DAFU Casino. What’s more, the games are made by Bole Games, a company from Beijing.

Lotsa Slots is offered on desktop and mobile devices for free. It is available in the app stores of most systems, including Android, iOS, etc. Moreover, thousands of slot lovers use this app, and it’s among the most popular in the U.S.

Lotsa Slots

In fact, it’s currently among the top 15 in the Apple App Store’s casino category. Plus, it has gained several million downloads in the Playstore. Interestingly, the app has been launched quite recently, and it has quickly managed to build up a large following.

Lotsa Social Gaming

Unfortunately, given that Lotsa Slots is a social gaming platform and not a true real-money casino, it does not offer games for real money. Nevertheless, it is intended for an adult audience. Moreover, it does contain prizes as well as in-app purchases. It’s a workaround and an opportunity that enables U.S. players to have fun with online slots legally.

In addition, the app rewards winners with in-game prizes that cannot be withdrawn. The winnings get added to a player’s balance. That way, you can only use the funds for further gaming in the app and for unlocking slot games.

As stated, there are some in-app Lotsa Slots real-money purchases in the form of Packs. They require real funds and will allow you to increase your playtime, get more perks, and boost the VIP level. The cost of these could go up to $100.


Some of the main features of Lotsa Slots include:

Level up feature

  • Trophies
  • 2 million Lotsa Slots free coins as a welcome bonus
  • Hourly bonus
  • Global game rankings
  • Daily quests and events
  • Special game features — multipliers, sticky wilds, bonuses, etc.
  • Over 60 slot games

How to Play

Once started, the app will immediately reward you with the welcome bonus of two million Lotsa Slots free coins. Moreover, the interface of the app is incredibly simple, and new players will be greeted by an attractive Playboy-inspired model. This mascot will point players to the crucial app features and serve as a sort of tutorial when you first enter the games. Overall, this app has a classy-looking purple interface with gold colors. There are two control panels, which will be placed on the top/bottom sides of your device’s screen. What’s more, it’s quite similar to any real casino app, with the game screen being located in the center.

Lotsa Slots Online

The app’s tutorial mode will lead you to Lava Loot slot, which is the first available game on the platform. From there, useful gameplay instructions will appear. The spin and bet controls will be located in their usual positions, just like in other online slot games. It’s a simple interface. Anyone who has played online casino games before will get the hang of it quickly. In addition, the loading times are quick and glitch-free. Regarding other controls, there is an Autoplay mode.

Then, once you start betting, you’ll see that the amounts are much, much larger compared to those in real-money online play. For instance, the Lava Loot wager is set at $10k in coins. It probably does not matter too much though since the gameplay is simulated and no real money is used. The same goes for the wins. For instance, for a 5-of-a-Kind match, we scored $13k in coins. Regarding the game rules, they will be outlined in the Paytable section. Lava Loot, for instance, has four progressive jackpots, respins, and free spins.

Lotsa Slots Games

It appears that only three games are available at the beginning. The current number of titles is 60, and what’s challenging about Lotsa Slots is that a certain player level must be reached to unlock new game titles.

For instance, the player starts off with Lava Loot and with two other downloadable titles, including Clover Mania and Roo Gold. The others, like The Gold is Mine are unlockable with level 3. Some will require level 9 (Farm Moolah) or more.

In general, the slots seem to follow popular themes and genres but contain a unique look and feel due to smooth animations and carefully chosen colors. Purple is prevalent in the app’s theme, and it looks quite classy. Lovers of traditional Vegas slots and atmosphere will surely appreciate Lotsa Slots. During wins, for instance, the symbols will become animated in a quite neat and satisfying manner.

Other Lotsa Slots titles include Bank Bounty, The Big Cheese, Buffalo Billions, Desert Princess, Ruby Royale, Triple Tiki, Fu Fu Frenzy, Sweet Respins, Pearl Cash, Legend of Oz, Stars of Texas, Mammoth Grand, etc. Overall, some of these titles point towards slot themes many are already familiar with — a great trait to keep in mind considering this is a fairly new slot app.

Lotsa Slots Online

Lastly, it’s important to mention that these social games utilize the same software protocols as real-money games. That is, the outcomes are generated by an RNG. The creator, Bole Games, claims the software is frequently audited. The app also has a customer support feature for any inquiries or help.

So What Can You Win?

Generally, it seems that Lotsa Slots is rather generous regarding bonus offers. These offers will frequently appear on the screen during gameplay. What’s more, there are some time-based Lotsa Slots real-money purchase offers in addition to those mentioned earlier. It’s unclear how big the jackpots are though. However, the base-play wins are around 100x to 5,000x, depending on the combination. As mentioned, there is no opportunity to win real cash here, but the app may perfectly suit those who prefer social gaming platforms over offshore sites.

Are There Any Lotsa Slots Cheats?

There are some portals that have published Lotsa Slots hacks. They could be useful if you are not looking to invest real funds into this social app. The Lotsa Slots cheats can be used to unlock the previously mentioned Packs for free. Those Lotsa Slots hacks work on  iOS or Android devices, but depending on where you find them, the input protocols of the codes may vary. It’s possible to get a code input tool or to input them by other means, much like codes for other similar games.


Lotsa Slots boasts a superb-looking platform with great functionality. As far as we’ve seen, the slots are smooth and entertaining, with plenty of themes to choose from.

Perhaps the most entertaining trait of the app is the fact that the game choice is not available at once but has to be unlocked while playing. It’s a great obstacle, and it introduces a bit more action. Moreover, the game themes are not mind-blowingly innovative, but they appear to hold their own and are further enhanced with friendly designs and cheery characters. The app has millions of fans too.

Aside from not being able to play real-money slots on it, the in-app purchase prices, as well as goals to unlock new features, might be a bit too high for some. Nevertheless, Lotsa Slots looks great, and it’s an impressive social gaming option that will encourage you to win more in order to keep playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at this FAQ section to find out more about Lotsa Slots.

Top Questions About Lotsa Slots

Here, you’ll find a selection of the most common questions related to this app.

Can you win money on Lotsa slots?

No, Lotsa Slots is a social gaming platform. That means real-money prizes will not be allowed. Players will get rewards in the form of coins when they win. However, those cannot be withdrawn. The winnings can only be used for future gaming or as a means of unlocking additional features, for example, new slot games.

How to cheat Lotsa Slots

There are a few online hack generators that will allow you to use cheats in Lotsa Slots. Many of them have published their codes online. If cheats are used in this app, they will essentially help you to unlock the extra features without spending real money on any in-app purchases.

How to enter cheat codes in Lotsa Slots

This will depend on the hacking generator that is in use. Some websites will provide you with a hacking tool or add-on. It’s advisable to use the tools since they will input the hacks automatically. Some generators may give you the option to do this manually.

Other Popular Questions About Lotsa Slots

And here are some additional answers to common questions:

How to get free coins on Lotsa Slots

This app will reward you with two million free coins as you start. Then, during gaming, numerous new offers could pop up. The app rewards players with daily or hourly bonuses. So keep an eye out for them as they could occur at any time. The other way to get coins is to pay for them. However, it’s also possible to hack the app and get free coins that way.

How does Lotsa Slots put money into my bank account?

No, Lotsa Slots does not allow real-money withdrawals. Instead, the coins won during the slot games are transferred automatically to the player’s balance. It can only be used for future gaming.

Which slots are the biggest winners in Lotsa Slots?

It’s possible to look up the Lotsa Slots games that had the biggest wins. So far, the games that seem to be the biggest winners are Lava Loot, Buffalo Billions, and Bank Bounty. Others are Desert Princess, Diamond Spins, Hero of Sherwood, Fu Fu Gold, etc. The app has over 60 games, and many of them contain interesting prizes.