Online Casino Bonus Guide for Beginners and Less Experienced Players

You have probably come across those 40% discounts in clothes shops, which required you to buy two items in order to be qualified for that offer. You liked only one sweater and nothing else, but you ended up with two sweaters, one of which you didn’t like. In other words, you spent more than you should have, just because it was a good bargain.

What can this example teach us? It tells us that such promotional activities come with specific requirements. Rarely do they come entirely free of charge.

When it comes to online casino bonuses, a lot more is at stake. Moreover, free play rules can be almost impossible to understand or adhere to. Having that in mind, this online casino bonus guide aims to break the secret code and uncover all well-kept secrets about bonuses offered by online casinos.

What Are Online Casino Bonuses?

The process of looking for an online casino that will meet your personal criteria can be strenuous and tedious. One of the first features casinos brag about is bonuses. However, bonuses are not the first thing you ought to seek if you want to try your hand at online casinos.


They are generally served as some free money, but they do not have to be limited to cash only. You can obtain them when you create an account on a casino website or later, as part of loyalty programs.

The primary purpose of casino bonuses is to captivate new customers or persuade the existing players to gamble more. This online casino bonus guide reminds you that they belong to promotional marketing strategies. In no way will casinos offer them with a high risk of wasting their money.

Easy Come, Easy Go

Remember the story about sweaters? As we have realized, only buying two of them can ensure that we’ll get a discount of 40%. Buy one, and you won’t have such an opportunity. So that kind of a shopping bonus comes as a result of compliance with the requirements set by the store. Otherwise, you can’t qualify for the discount.DomCasino Bonuses

Now, back to casinos. Just imagine. If you deposited $10, you would get a bonus of $10. Afterward, if you were to play a bit and win something, you would be able to take out all that cash from the casino for free. Too good to be true? Exactly!

A large number of online casino bonuses are subject to infamous wagering requirements. Generally, when you make a deposit (or just sign up in case of no-deposit promotions), you get a welcome bonus. Notwithstanding the fact that such an act of kindness by casinos is a powerful incentive to make you want to play more, it is accompanied by particular demands and limits.

Wagering requirements state what amount you need to bet using the bonus (and occasionally, the deposit) before the money becomes only yours. So, if the wagering requirements are 10x, you must win and bet the amount you have tenfold.

To illustrate, depositing $10 and earning a 100% bonus of $10, you will have $20 overall. Satisfying the wagering requirements of 10x means that you ought to wager 10 x $20, equating to $200. That said, you must win $200, and then, in addition, you have to wager the whole sum. Only later will you be able to withdraw the cash, if any.

Hidden Weightings Waiting Somewhere

Above all, this guide to free online casino bonus features attempts to warn players about potential dangers they might experience with the previously mentioned free feature. Thus, when you play a game with bonuses, you should pay attention to not only strict wagering requirements but also weightings. These stand for the percentage of players’ bets that will count during the process of complying with the given wagering requirements. 

Sounds unfair? Yes, it does, from our position. However, some casinos have introduced weightings so that they can diminish the likelihood that experienced players will misuse the feature to get some cash smoothly. More often than not, table games in online forms, such as roulette and blackjack, have low weightings.

Sticky vs. Non-Sticky Bonuses

One of the main questions regarding bonuses is whether casinos let you withdraw them together with the sum you have won. In some cases, it doesn’t, in other instances, it doesn’t.

If you win some money, and then the amount that equals the bonus is deducted, then it’s a sticky bonus, also known as uncashable. We can say that the free money you initially get is only for playing.

On the other hand, if online casinos allow you to take the whole sum won, including the bonus, then we are dealing with non-sticky or cashable bonuses.

Deposit vs. No-Deposit Bonuses

The key difference between these two is not so difficult to apprehend. Whether a casino bonus is a deposit or no-deposit depends on whether the casino obliges you to deposit some money or to play for free.

A deposit bonus is a feature that you gain as soon as you make a deposit. It usually comes in the form of a match bonus, i.e., it is percentage-based. For instance, if you deposit $10, and the bonus percentage is 100% of the deposit amount, then you get $10 more to play with. The total sum (deposit + bonus) you have is $20.

Online Casino Bonuses

An online casino real-money no-deposit bonus does not require providing any initial money from your wallet. It is completely free. You just have to open an online account at one of the casinos, and you will be rewarded with it. Normally, it comes as a fixed amount of money. Wagering requirements, together with withdrawal limits, can be quite stringent in this case.

Other Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Apart from the two major groups of bonuses explained above, there are some more variants. The most common ones include:

  • cashback
  • high-roller
  • refer-a-friend
  • free spins

Cashback bonuses are awarded to players after some time. They are intended to refund small amounts of players’ losses.

High-roller bonuses are dedicated to the brave, who deposit and bet huge sums. Applying them, casinos show the appreciation and encourage players to go on.

Refer-a-friend bonuses, as their name implies, are given when a punter invites another person to play at the same online casino. If the friend accepts, a percentage of their deposit will be allocated as a bonus for the player who made the invitation.

Free spins bonuses only apply to slot games. This type of bonus doesn’t provide a gambler with cash but with the opportunity for free play, i.e., spins that are free of charge.

Bonus Codes

Some casinos give bonuses provided that players have the right codes. Fortunately, both no deposit and deposit bonus codes can be found for free.

The point is that you will be asked to type certain symbols or characters in order to unlock the free feature. Needless to say, you can’t use the same code more than once.

DomCasino Bonuses

If you play an online casino game with a code-dependent deposit bonus, watch out for when you insert the code. Usually, you must enter it into the cashier before making a deposit. Otherwise, you risk not getting any bonuses.

These make a useful tool. In some casinos, welcome bonuses are automatic, and players who don’t want them have to accept the bothering conditions. For that reason, codes are a worthwhile idea. Without them, players can easily access the basic no-bonus game, deposit, and play immediately.

Red Flags

Our guide to free online casino bonus features wouldn’t be complete without some more detailed facts and the best practical advice.

  1. There are some restrictions when it comes to games that offer bonuses to players. For example, blackjack doesn’t fit into the category of bonus-friendly games in numerous casinos.
  2. Not all types of games have the same percentage of contribution towards the wagering requirements. Scratch cards, keno, and slots contribute 100% of the deposit. Other games have lower percentages.
  3. Massive bonuses aren’t always the best. Neither are online casino real-money no-deposit bonuses. The rule of thumb is that they bear the most stringent requirements.
  4. Mind the cap! Some limitations may be imposed on how much you can actually cash out. Even if you won $2,000 through a free play, you might end up with half the sum because the rules don’t allow higher withdrawals.
  5. Online casinos may apply the wagering requirements to bonuses only (B) or both bonuses and deposits (B+D). Provided that the wagering requirements are 10x, the former demands that players win and bet ten times the bonus, whereas the latter requires ten times the sum of the bonus and deposit.
  6. The average range of wagering requirements is from 10x to 40x. The higher they are, the more challenging the task is.

Golden rule: Read everything regarding bonuses before you start to play! You can find the explanations and details in the terms and conditions of the respective establishment. Go through them carefully, paying attention to every word.

Great Expectations

We’d like to emphasize one thing. Don’t be gullible! Online casinos kindly grant bonuses to lure players. They don’t want to give money to someone who wants to play for free. That’s why they have enacted a set of “bylaws” that account for preventing financial difficulties arising from such a service. Yet, many casinos are quite fair and do let you win something when playing with bonuses. Just think twice and get to know everything that is at stake.

How do online casino bonuses work?

There are different kinds. Some of them are fixed amounts. Others are given as additional money that is equal to a certain percentage of your deposit. They come together with wagering requirements, i.e., a set of rules on how to use that bonus and deposit (if any). Once you have met the requirements, you will be able to withdraw the money that you won.

How do you get Funzpoints for free?

Spin the wheel every three hours, and you’ll get Standard Funzpoints for free. Besides, you can send a request to Woopla Gaming Limited, 58 Glenda Crescent, Sydney, Nova Scotia B1S 2M5 Canada. You have to write your personal and account details. Then you will be granted 1,000 Standard Funzpoints and 500 Premium Funzpoints for free.

What is the best free online casino?

If you don’t like playing online casino games for real money, then the best option is demo versions. You can find numerous free demo slots, video pokers, roulettes, etc. which you can play free of charge, without having to sign up and enter your personal and credit card details. We strongly recommend that you check the games of the most reputable developers, such as RTG, Betsoft, Rival Powered, NetEnt, Microgaming, etc. By googling the game titles, you will come to some of the best free online casinos.

What are no-deposit bonuses?

No-deposit bonuses are the ones that are given for free, without any needs to provide some money when you sign up, i.e., make a deposit. They usually come together with higher wagering requirements than deposit bonuses.

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